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The Pic Nic Stic story began on a warm Sunday afternoon at a concert in San Francisco’s Stern Grove. We rolled our picnic blanket onto a beautiful green lawn in the amphitheater surrounded by eucalyptus and redwoods. After arranging plates of cheese, bread and olives, we opened a bottle of our favorite red wine only to spill the first glass when we set our stemware on the uneven lawn, thus the Pic Nic Stic was born.

Pic Nic Stic (Set of 4)

Pic Nic Stic is a convenient means of supporting stemware. They easily slip into your picnic basket or tote bag. Great for outdoor concerts and events as well as picnics and camping trips. They come in an attractive cloth gift bag that makes a wonderful gift.

Each set includes four (4) wine holders.

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We trust that you will enjoy your new Pic Nic Stic and use it to support a variety of stemware - from large bowled red wine glasses to champagne flutes and martini glasses! They are beautifully made of solid high gauge stainless steel for easy cleaning and a lasting bright finish. 

Never spill another glass again!


"Nifty invention will thrill wine connoisseur"

"A mom has invented a nifty wine gadget that seems destined to succeed. It’s a set of four stainless steel stemware holders that stick in the ground to balance your glasses."

— East Bay Times




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We can personalize large orders for a special event or picnic concert series, by putting your events logo on the gift bag!

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